Elin Rahnev was born in 1968 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated pedagogy and studied theater under the leadership of the legend of the Bulgarian theater Krikor Azaryan. He worked as a journalist, editor of TV programs and press. Since 1999, he has been working as playwright and chief playwright in numerous Bulgarian theaters including the front Bulgarian theater stage – the National Theater, the Satire State Theater. He is author of 9 drama works: Beans, Ionesco’s window, Flaubert, The Cuckoo, Shuttle, Test, Love, Fans, Ladies’ Men. His works were translated in more than 20 languages. He has been awarded prestigious Bulgarian dramaturgical awards. His plays Beans and Fans have received the award of the Union of the Bulgarian actors Ikar. Test received the prestigious Bulgarian theater award Askeer.

Elin’s poetry and plays depict the spiritual biography of the generation of Bulgarian artists, born in the 1960’s. The works of Elin Rahnev sound modern and impressive in every language.

Please, find below short descriptions of Rahnev’s plays, represented by ICU. Full texts in different languages are available.


The two major characters in this drama are a husband and wife in theirs 70’s which has been living together for about 40 years. But this family has been engulfed by the grey everyday life, by the monotonous rhythm and the sterility of this marriage. Only love can take them out from this situation. And only love can help them reach the other bank where they would recognize each other and where each one would find in the other his ideal for a perfect man and perfect woman.


A young man applies for a job in a company, which is unknown for its activities. The job interview with the future boss is actually a test with deliberately absurd questions. During that unusual job interview the man only realizes that he will have to work 30 hours a day for the Firm, he will entirely have to devote to the prosperity of the Firm, he will have to change his look and character and, all in all, spare his life to the Firm.


They are two outsiders, who vegetate in life but truly live only at a soccer game. They look like the mythic characters of Becket but in a modern way –they do not feel thrown out of live but they try to adapt to it. Whatever troubles they are confronted by they run away in the Promised Land – the land of soccer.

Ladies’ Men

The two main characters are side referees, unhappy and confused and of course they are unlucky with the women at all. They are out of the game. Life has shown them a red penalty. That’s why they dream first to become at least referees in Championship, then to get into the Premiership and finally to play one and only game in the Champions league. The human highways in this comedy drama include soccer, the social status, the search for recognition, the fight for love. The referees, put in the corner of life, try to overcome their neglected profession. They have demands, they want justice and are ready to fight for it but it is not so easy. The message of that play is that everyone should overcome his B leagues in life, to manage to get into the Major league and to chase his dreams. “Brothers and sisters from the lower league come over it”.