ICU was founded in 2010 as an independent press. Our first published titles came out in 2013 after careful planning. Among our key activities are publishing, editing of manuscripts in progress, organizing book events, promotion of new titles and building a community of people with special attitude towards books and reading. We believe every book is a moving personal experience meant to help us see each other better. ICU means I SEE YOU—as a partner, as a human being. This attitude helped us work in inspiring partnership with other publishers and draw on their experience. It didn’t take long for the results to come: the first novel in our catalogue (and third title overall), Sunflowers for Maria by Kerana Angelova, received Pegasus Fiction Prize shortly after its release. This success encouraged us to focus in the chosen niche and clear our publishing profile. Although our catalogue is modest so far, we became a respected name in Bulgarian publishing world and our events are fully booked.

As of now, ICU is two-times beneficiary of grants supporting its migration literature related projects. Our two projects envision the translation, publication and promotion of eight books

by established contemporary European writers from different countries and in different languages, all of them involved with the painful issue of human migration: Priya Basil, Chris Cleave, Rose Tremain, Hisham Matar, Josip Novakovic, Colm Toibin, Pierre Mejlak, etc.

Selecting books of high literary qualities, we aim to cover versatile aspects of the topic, such as religious and cultural differences, tension between immigrants and locals, feeling of loss and separation, love in a situation of irreconcilable religious postulates; the choice (or necessity) of leaving one’s home country to try make a living, etc.

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November 2, 2015